TXTimpact sms marketing Software

TXTimpact sms marketing Software 1

SMS marketing & mass text messaging software for sending mass SMS to clients

SMS marketing & mass text messaging software for sending mass SMS to clients

SMS command line tool allows you to send Text messages from command line. This come handy integrating with many application as external add-ins. SMS marketing is about interacting with customers using text messaging. SMS marketing allow business owners to capture prospects or customers mobile number and send offer, promotions, coupons, service/product updates, etc via sms text message.




SMS marketing opens up a direct, measurable, and trackable marketing channel with your audience. Right now, you put your advertising out there and you wait for response.

This programs is for marketer, Businessmen, Advertisers, Salesmen, Shopkeepers, Night Club, Retailers, Banks, Insurance companies and Online marketers.

TXTimpact sms marketing Software


TXTimpact sms marketing Software 1

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  • Autodealer

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    great product and service. I recommend txtimpact for your business..   More.

  • dany.goel.3

    by dany.goel.3

    "Easy SMS Marketing Software"

    Easy to use sms marketing software.Great support.great ,consumers could respond to your advertising immediately.   More.

  • BizWizard

    by BizWizard

    "Great text message service!"

    It just took me 10 minutes to setup an account and send text message to company employees. Was very helpful during wi...   More.

  • dany.goel.3

    by dany.goel.3

    "Best sms marketing software."

    It was very easy to use the mass text message service, I was able to setup the account, sms marketing campaign and se...   More.

  • ritagenz

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    "Excellent software for sms marketing. Really enjoying"

    Txtimpact is best I ever use for my business sms marketing..   More.